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Preliminary findings regarding student learning from lecture and homework

Shields, Hadlee
Lectures and homework both provide opportunities for students to learn mathematics. Researchers have focused on learning from lectures (e.g., Krupnik et al., 2018; Lew et al., 2016; Lew & Zazkis, 2019) and from homework (e.g., Dorko, 2021; 2020a, 2020b; 2019; Ellis et al., 2015; Glass & Sue, 2008; Kanwal, 2020; Krause & Putnam, 2016; Lithner, 2003; Rupnow et al., 2021). However, these studies have focused on each milieu individually. Dorko and Cook (R&R, 2022) propose attending to learning across the two settings is critical for improving student learning in both settings. To that end, our study addresses the questions (1) What did two developmental mathematics students learn in lecture and what did they learn from homework? and (2) How can we explain why they learn particular things in a particular context?