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Key Management and Encryption in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Hadamard Transforms

Reddy, Singi Reddy Rohith
This thesis deals with key management in wireless sensor networks. The shortcomings of existing schemes include poor resilience against node capture, low secure connectivity and memory overhead. After analyzing the problems in existing key management schemes, a modified model of the Blom's scheme is proposed in this thesis. The new model helps to overcome the prominent problems such as memory cost and computation overhead. The modified key management scheme not only enhances the efficiency of the existing Blom's scheme but also provides a new way of generating keys in wireless sensor networks. In our work, we also propose a new encryption technique which can be used in wireless sensor networks to provide security to the data. The encryption technique can be used either on binary or non-binary data and the chaining strategy used in this scheme makes it difficult for intruders to break the message.