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Comparing Entry-Level Child Care Training Delivery Methods

Pallotta, Sherrill Dee
The purpose of this study was to compare perceptions about applicability and confidence regarding the content of the entry-level child care (ELCCT) training course. Of particular interest are comparisons between on-line and classroom delivery methods. In addition, a comparison of the on-line delivery method was examined in the context of best practices. Participants' demographic characteristics were checked for differences by delivery methods. A categorical analysis indicated a significant association between child care professionals taking the course on-line for seven or more hours and the Positive Guidance and Room Environment content and increased confidence in their role in the classroom. In addition, significance was found for child care professionals taking ELCCT on-line seven or more hours and applying knowledge to classroom practices in two content areas: Behavior and Guidance and Communication. A comparison of demographics revealed a marginal age difference, with those taking the course on-line as younger.