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Proposed method for changing a unit woodwork shop to a general shop

Thrasher, Frank H. B.
Scope of Study: This study deals with the problem of converting a unit woodworking shop to a general shop. The general shop will offer the student work in wood, metal, drawing and electricity. A review of the history of junior high school and the history of the development of electricity are included as background for the proposed change. The objectives of general education and of industrial arts education were reviewed and a course of study planned to meet these objectives. A list of tools, books, and supplies needed, based on the projects selected, were used as the basis for the cost estimate. The projects selected are electrical projects requiring the arts of wood, metal, and drawing in construction.
Findings and Conclusions: At a cost of approximately $25.00 a unit woodworking shop equipped for twenty students can be converted to a general shop. This, however, would be the bare essentials and a more desirable program could be had with an additional expenditure of $1200.00 for tools and equipment. This estimate is based on a class of twenty students of junior high grade level using projects from the proposed list.