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Stand Persistence of `prestige' Buffalograss (Bouteloua Dactyloides) [Synonym Buchloe Dactyloides] Grown Under Simulated Green Roof Conditions During Summer in Oklahoma

Beitz, Mary Kathryn

The purpose of this research was to test the stand persistence of Prestige Buffalograss green roofs under simulated greenhouse conditions using average temperature conditions for July and August in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Four irrigation treatments were used during the experiment; irrigating every four days, eight days, twelve days and no water. Comparisons were made using evapotranspiration and NDVI as indicators of stand persistence. For average temperature conditions for Stillwater, Oklahoma, the irrigation treatments on the Prestige Buffalograss did not result in the same stand presence. Using evapotranspiration and NDVI as indicators, there was a significant effect of irrigation frequency on Buffalograss persistence. The no watering treatment reached permanent wilting point, and due to the performance of the twelve day and no watering treatments, supplemental irrigation will be required for green roofs in central Oklahoma. Based on these experiments, rainfall will be required at least every twelve days in order to maintain a green roof Buffalograss stand.