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Nmr Relaxation Times And Related Pore Geometry In The Morrow Group (Pennsylvanian), Hemphill County, Texas And Texas County, Oklahoma

Aivano, Rachael
The purpose of this study is to use pore geometry infonnation obtained from NMR measurements to understand how microporosity influences Morrow Sandstone reservoir properties response in Hemphill County, Texas and Texas County, Oklahoma. The samples used in this study cover a range ofporosity and penneability values and pore sizes found in Morrow sandstones. Core analysis and petrographic data were collected with the intention of providing additional infonnation that helps with the interpretation of the NMR logs. This study also detennines which of the NMR conventional penneability equations is most effective in estimating penneability in Morrow Sandstones. The purpose of calculating penneability from NMR is to find a best estimate of formation permeability that can be assigned to specific layers or lithofacies. Improved estimates of permeability are useful for generating more accurate reservoir flow models.