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Environmental regulation of manufactures in Oklahoma

Baker, Curtis Jackson
This study developed an alternative to the current method of environmental regulation enforcement in Oklahoma. The new approach required periodic completion of a Comprehensive Environmental Compliance Review (CECR). The review was required for all companies which were or might have been subject to regulation under the various environmental standards. This approach would be effective because it increases public participation and did not require large commitment of funds or personnel by the regulatory agencies. Prior to the start of the study I felt it would be adequate to establish qualifications for private auditors/managers and then require that an annual audit be conducted by one of these "qualified" individuals. This method was rejected due to the reliance on individual interpretation of the regulations. It was also clear that defining "qualified auditor" would be nearly impossible. Maintenance of this body of qualified individuals would also be costly and require manpower commitments on the part of regulatory agencies. The alternative of a formal pre-approved compliance review document would eliminate the requirement for "qualified" individuals and would also provide a uniform standard. I did conclude that there would still be a role for qualified environmental professionals in the area of program development.