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Effect of Calcium Fertilization and Ga Biosynthesis Inhibiting Growth Regulators on Bract Necrosis in 'gutbier V-14 Glory' Poinsettia

Simons, Brenda Renee
The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of N-P-K and dolomite fertilization rates, paclobutrazol, and other gibberellin biosynthesis inhibiting growth regulators on the performance and the development of bract necrosis in 'Gutbier V-14 Glory' poinsettia. Three experiments were performed. The first experiment used two rates of N-P-K and three rates of dolomite fertilization. The second experiment used five rates of paclobutrazol applied as a soil drench. In the third experiment, four gibberellin biosynthesis inhibiting growth regulators were used. These were, paclobutrazol, ancymidol, and chlormequat, applied as foliar sprays, and paclobutrazol and daminozide applied as soil drenches.