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Surface-to-subsurface Correlation and Lithostratigraphic Framework of the Caney Shale (Including the "mayes" Formation) in Atoka, Coal, Hughes, Johnston, Pittsburg, and Pontotoc Counties, Oklahoma

Kamann, Patrick J.
The scope of this investigation was to develop a lithostratigraphic framework for the Caney Shale using both sedimentology and stratigraphy techniques. Specifics of these techniques include: the identification of lithostratigraphic units in surface outcrops and subsurface wells, establishment of gamma-ray profiles in outcrop, stratigraphic correlation and mapping of units from surface to subsurface, analysis of organic matter type, and interpretation of depositional setting.The results of this study determined that the "Mayes" Formation and Caney Shale are two distinct lithologic units. The Caney Shale formation was divided into four lithostratigraphic units. Each lithostratigraphic unit is slightly different lithologically, and can be identified on wire-line logs. Finally, the "Mayes" Formation and Caney Shale are both interpreted to be shelf deposits. The "Mayes" received sediment input from shallower carbonate dominated deposits. The Caney Shale was deposited in restricted anoxic waters and experienced upwelling of phosphate rich waters toward the end of deposition.