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Case Study of the Implementation of a Computerized Training Tracking System in a Large Manufacturing Plant

Craig, Elizabeth Ann
The need for a training records system can exist in three areas: volume, records, and cost reduction. The need must be carefully determined if the system is to function well over an extended period of time. Volume of courses, enrollments, and training site information must all be maintained. Records are also necessary for budgetary reasons and for planning for new and complex systems and products. Future job performance may even be predicted from training records. Regardless of budget limitations, training can increase productivity which in turn results in cost reduction (Dosher 1987). There are also needs for a training records system which cannot be justified by traditional methods. Some organizations have a certain dollar level for training and education which is set aside for those purposes each year. The purpose is to encourage managers to invest in their biggest resource -- their employees. If the money ia spent, a system should be in place to track the training activity (Dosher 1987). An area which has long been neglected has finally been recognized as a valuable source of information about an organization's operation.