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Botanical laboratory exercises for the advanced high school biology student

Stauffer, Lawrence N.
Scope of Study: The purpose of this study was to compile a series of botanical exercises which the high school teacher may use to create interest in this field of science. Four major areas of botany are included with a variety of experiments within each. The subject range should be diverse enough to include the interests of most students. This paper is limited in that it is designed primarily for the advanced high school student of biology whose background includes general biology, chemistry and possibly physics. Some of the exercises require extensive time and. apparatus which may be a limiting factor in some schools.
Findings and Conclusions: The botanical studies described herein should be of value in interesting the student in botany. Each exercise, properly prepared for and conscientiously conducted, should provide the student with a broader knowledge of a few of the areas of plant science. Some elementary research techniques will be employed and an interest may develop. With this background the student may possibly consider some field of botany as a career and pursue this course of study.