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Facilities for high school biological science

Autry, Otis
Scope of Study: This report has been prepared to give helpful suggestions to biology teachers, administrators, architects, boards of education, and others who share responsibility for planning and developing school facilities for biology instruction. It is difficult to find a complete reference source of constructional information on facilities for biology. The suggestions consist of modern up-to-date advice and essential data on planning, design, location, construction, and equipment for the teaching of biology.
Findings and Conclusions: Adequate, well equipped facilities are essential if an effective program of instruction is to be carried on. Therefore, serious consideration should be given classroom and laboratory facilities, utilities and services, equipment and supplies, facilities for storage and preparation, plans for rooms, and community resources.
It must be realized that the planning of facilities for high school biological science may be altered by the amount of money available, community and student needs, teaching methods, and the philosophy underlying the educational program of the school.