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Study of Association of Race and College Admissions Options and Difference in First Year College Grade Point Average by Race

Kirkpatrick, Deleanor Alexandrea
This study examined college admissions criteria and first year college grade point average (FYGPA) at the end of the student's 2nd semester in college. This study determined there was a difference between student success indicators, how the students were admitted to a large public institution. The majority of all students were admitted by the Orange admissions option except Black students. Black students comprised the largest amount of students admitted by the Brown, Silver, and Gray admissions options. There was also a difference in students FYGPA means in college examined by race/ethnicity, especially among Black students. White students were the only racial/ethnic group with a FYGPA mean higher than the average mean among all the races. Black students FYGPA mean was significantly different from all other racial/ethnic groups.