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Relationship of negative self-schemas and personality with the experience and expression of anger

Wood, Jennifer Sheader
Scope and Method of Study: The purpose of the study was to explore the relationship of negative self-schemas and personality with the experience and expression of anger. Participants were 315 undergraduate education, psychology, and business students at a mid- western university. Students read and signed an informed consent and completed a packet of questionnaires. The packet included the NEOFFI, YSQ, the STAXI-2, and the demographic sheet.
Findings and Conclusions: In summary, the experience and expression of anger was related to personality domains and negative self-schemas. Negative self-schemas were also significantly related to personality domains. However, negative self-schemas did not add significantly to the understanding of anger experience and expression when personality was controlled, except in the case of anger suppression. There appears to be significant theoretical and statistical overlap between the constructs of self-schemas and personality. Other research methods, beyond self-report, may be necessary to better understand the impact of personality and self-schemas on one another and how these constructs may impact emotions such as anger. The findings of this study guide practitioners to explore aspects of clients' personalities, especially Neuroticism and Agreeableness, as well as clients' negative self-schemas (particularly in the case of anger suppression) when helping clients cope more effectively with chronic anger and anger expression problems.