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Economic aspects of high school biology

Harris, Marm Melton
Scope of Study: A purpose of present day biology is to help the student apply biological concepts to practical situations. The student is concerned with scientific knowledge about bacteria, insects, birds, trees and other forms of life because of their effect upon man. This report has been prepared for the purpose of bringing together and condensing into compact form as much as possible of the information concerning the economic relations of plants and animals; their bearing upon the welfare of the human race; their food habits; and methods of controlling the more harmful ones.
Findings and Conclusions: Man's dependence on other organisms for the essentials of his existence has been of paramount importance in his life since the human race began. Not only have they played an important part in the everyday life of mankind, but also they have had a profound influence on the course of history and civilization. A knowledge of the industrial, medicinal and edible plants and animals cannot fail to broaden one's outlook.