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Mini-SOA/ESB Design Guidelines and Simulation for Wireless Sensor Networks

Kim, Jongyeop

One of the major challenges in wireless sensor networks (WSNs) is the difficulty of efficient integration with other WSN application domains. This is because there is no open standard framework to support heterogeneous types of sensors that are produced by many sensor manufacturers. In order to integrate different domain services, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) /Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) has been widely used as an open standard for providing location transparency and segregation. In this thesis, we propose mini-SOA/ESB Architecture to integration of wireless sensor networks. However, previous work on SOA/ESB has focused on large scale Enterprise service level integration, and is not adaptable to the WSN domains because of limited hardware and software capabilities. Sharing sensor data requires an open standard prototype to support various kinds of sensor applications composed of heterogeneous sensor nodes. This standard prototype can be applied to any application, such as OS-based architecture, VM-based architecture, Middleware architecture, and Stand-alone protocols. To address the issue, this thesis presents design considerations and a new model, which we call mini-SOA/ESB for WSNs, as an open standard. We believe that the proposed Architecture will be a basic building block for the integration of WSNs.