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Strategic analysis of Wings of Hope Family Crisis Services: Examining organizational effectiveness in the nonprofit sector

Lightfoot, Patience
Wings of Hope Family Crisis Services is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Stillwater, Oklahoma that aims to disrupt domestic violence by providing comprehensive services to the following five Oklahoma counties: Payne, Logan, Pawnee, Noble, and Lincoln. This thesis aims to conduct a holistic business analysis of Wings of Hope, identifying internal and external strengths and weaknesses of the organization reflective of the firm’s strategic positioning within the nonprofit sector and domestic violence services industry. Findings indicated Wings of Hope is an Oklahoma industry leader, cornering the social market on identifying and addressing rural community needs while achieving considerable impact in the lives of those affected by interpersonal violence. The organization has been successful in effectively operating within the parameters of its mission and vision statements. Time spent assessing Wings of Hope identified gaps in the organization’s structure, marketing and community outreach efforts, and fundraising tactics that when developed with a strategic management perspective, have the potential to accomplish further value creation and social impact. This thesis offers objective recommendations to develop the targeted areas, reflecting the firm’s capacity to undertake suggested methods to acquire increased operations efficiency.