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Basic research in the antibiotics and viruses and resulting benefits to mankind

Wofford, Rowana Evelyn
Scope and Method of Study: The library was searched for information about basic research and how the masses of the people need to be informed of the many benefits to humanity through continuous research.
Findings and Conclusions: We can no longer afford to allow scientific genius to remain idle, nor can we afford to concentrate all our attention upon the physical sciences for the war against diseases is equally as important. The problem, however, goes beyond the mere provision of financial aid to our scientists. To adapt ourselves to the spirit of this century, we must reassess our whole philosophy and our sense of values. Just as the Stone Age was characterized by the use of stone, so our era will undoubtedly go down in history as the Age of Research.
The impact of antibiotics and other wonder drugs on society is immeasurable. These life-saving drugs that were laboratory curiosities are now being used for agriculture, food preservation, and to treat plant diseases.
Experimentations with bacteriophages shed new light upon the constitution and mode of action of the viruses. Through the study of the viruses, tissue culture propagation in vitro was discovered. This made possible the preparation of the poliomyelitis vaccine in kidney cells.
It is possible through continuous research and the coordinated efforts of our many scientists to gain control over many of the diseases that are now plaguing mankind.