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Microbial communities from biofuels and ornamental plants

Driever, Makenzie
Maher, Andrew
Austin, Camilla
Salazar, Andrea
Biofuel Microbiome Exploration:
An unknown substance is building up in biofuel tanks in Oklahoma. To identify the substance DNA extraction was ran on samples from the tanks. The DNA was then sent to High Throughput Sequencing (HTS). The results showed that 12 different bacteria and fungi were present in the biofuel sample. Researchers are currently testing the sample by PCR to confirm the bacteria and fungi identification.
Chrysanthemum Virome Exploration:
A farm in Tulsa, Oklahoma, distributes chrysanthemums nationally. The owner noticed some varieties showed signs of disease. The 165 sample varieties were subjected to testing by ELISA method, targeting 15 viruses. The results showed that 157 samples were infected with at least one virus. The next step was to then test for possible viroids. Two viroids were tested for using CchMVd and CSVD hybridization assay. The results showed that only for samples tested negative for either viroid. Researchers are currently performing recombinase polymerase amplification to confirm the viroid results.