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Sex trafficking: Prevention and protection

Bailey, Abbie
In this thesis paper, I shed light on the serious issue of human trafficking. This analysis includes a brief description and explanation on the different categories of human trafficking. Human trafficking is defined as the exchange of persons, by threat, force, manipulation, or coercion. I choose to focus on sex trafficking for my paper, because this is an important issue that is tied to the criminal justice field that I plan to follow and have already worked closely with. This paper illuminates how sex trafficking is different that sex work, and what this distinction entails. To best inform readers on the complex dynamics of sex trafficking, I also discuss the common ways that individuals fall victim to this travesty, such as the advertisement of a job. The goal of this paper is to inform diverse audiences on what sex trafficking is and how to protect both themselves and their communities. I conclude with information for individuals on what life is like post-trafficking and what society can do to best support the victims and survivors. This includes providing the best possible medical and mental health care for these individuals, and legal guidance.