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Client depletion assay comparison of paclitaxel to Hsp90 inhibitors

Wagner, Lori
Cartmell, Taylor
Jurczak, Joanna
Kiel, Klaudia

Many researchers have claimed they have found a successful inhibitor of Hsp90; however, we suspect they are only successful when the inhibitor is used in large quantities. On top of being one of the easiest ways to show an effective inhibitor, researchers are claiming they have found an inhibitor when only meeting as few as two hallmarks. Due to the researchers' inhibitors only meeting two of the criteria, we are trying to show whether these limited expectations are a valid way in identifying Hsp90 inhibitors. We think the client depletion assay test is not specific to Hsp90 inhibitors but instead is a generalized cell response to cell death. At this point in our research, we know a lot about client depletion assays and Hsp90s; however, we do not know if the claims these researchers are making are valid claims because of the amount of Hsp90 inhibitor they are using.