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Nitrates in Oklahoma well water

Lee, James
Pretorius, Erycka
Bouher, Brody
Hall, Kaylin
Pendred, Jim
Colston, Nicole
Wagner, Kevin

Nitrate is a naturally occurring colorless, odorless chemical that is usually safe at low levels. However, levels that exceed 10 mg/L are dangerous and can lead to irreversible health effects due to nitrate’s ability to block oxygen carried into the blood. In baby’s at high enough concentrations, nitrates can cause blue baby syndrome making them appear blue. Our research samples wells across Oklahoma to let residents know what is truly in their water. Once data is collected, we have compiled a map to see where nitrates are the highest and what factors could cause abnormally high concentrations of nitrates. Through our research, we hope to provide Oklahomans with knowledge of what is in their water and how they can protect themselves along with understanding the factors that could cause potentially high nitrate concentrations.